About us

Guangzhou Yoki Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is an international cooperative enterprise, specialized in automobile spray booth, industrial coating equipments, automobile maintenance equipments. We intend to provide high-quality paint spraying equipments and corresponding support equipments, and well technical services to the automobile after-sales fields and industrial machine manufacturing fields of the world by advanced manufacturing technology and design standard.
We follow the Corporate Management Guidelines of "scientific management, prominent brand, quality benefits, and customer satisfaction". We strictly practice the CE certificate and ISO9001 quality system certificate to make us an enterprise of science and technology. We have established perfect international and domestic sales network with our strong background to provide good sales service for customers; our company adheres to the tenet of customer foremost, high-quality products and good service, we have developed ourselves into the intense spray booth market. We have established a professional after-sales service team to deal with product quality retrieving and product maintenance work to pursue the customer assurance and satisfaction.read more...

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Our company has a professional R&D team capable of producing products according to customers’ needs. In the Frankfurt exhibition held in Shanghai, the electrical control box of our exhibition room adopts the touch screen, C language programming, aviation plug, temperature detection using the configuration 4AD-TC temperature module. Customers can add feature functions to their own needs.

The grinding room is improved with a heat lamp with sliding and hanging rails. While taking advantage of this kind of heat lamp, transfer to the baking room is not needed in the case of part baking.read more...

Why Choose YOKI

Product Advantages:
Spray Booths
1. High-level safety performance
2. Fast delivery and quality after-sale service
3. Easy to install & to use
4. Environmentally friendly
5. Strictly compliance with ISO9001 & CE standards
Company Advantages:
Our company has been engaged in the spray and paint baking booth exporting industry for almost 7 years. We have a strong technical team capable of producing products according to your needs and a professional service team that sticks to the philosophy of “Customer First”. With excellent product quality and service, the company has excelled itself in the market of competition.


Grinding Room
The grinding room is a kind of modern metal plate spray equipment built to meet the construction needs of the modern building maintenance shop, to improve the working environment of the metal plate spraying workshop...
Spraying and Baking Booth
This kind of booth is generally used for spraying and baking, and is widely used for surface painting and baking finish in the automobiles, machinery, hardware, furniture...
Coating Booths and Spray Booths
Coating booths and spray booths are enclosures used to contain spraycoating processes such as painting, powder coating, thermal spraying, and other deposition methods. This product area includes hoods, cabinets, tunnels and similar enclosures. Many different types of...
Painting Booths and Rooms
Painting rooms, spray booths, tunnels, and acoustic rooms are used when processing larger work pieces. Painting rooms contain the painting or coating equipment, the work piece and the operator. Painting or spray booths usually contain internal lighting, ventilation and recovery systems...

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