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The F-class insulation fan with an outer rotor centrifugal machine produced with the introduction of the Siemens technology. 
With low noise and large air volume, it ensures that the air flow rate remains around 0.35m/s in the work area. It also meets the requirements of film forming and improves the paint utilization rate; at the same time, it satisfies the air cleanliness requirements for the health of workers; the positive pressure within can prevent dust infiltration into the operation area, thus ensuring the quality of paints.

Anti-pressure safety device
This device can guarantee the safety of the operator through automatically opening the door to relieve the pressure when the pressure in the paint baking booth is too high.

Booth Body
The booth employs a flame-retardant insulation board composite with the EPS color coating steel plates produced with advanced equipment and technology. It is of good insulation properties, low thermal conductivity, light weight, vibrant colors, and an operation life up to 20 years. It also adopts the scientific connector sealing technology to ensure the complete enclosure of the booth, effectively preventing heat loss and outdoor dust infiltration.

Lighting System

In order to make sure that the user is not affected by any shadows, this light system adopts the Philips light pipe and the electronic ballasts specially designed for the paint baking booth with an illuminance up to 800 lux and independent control switches on both sides for economical reasons.

Hot Air Circulation System

Through the circulate heating of fresh air, its takes only 5 to 6 minutes for the temperature to rise to 60 degrees Celsius from 20 degrees. The system is energy-saving, with high and averagely distributed heat, providing consistent temperature for every point in the room. It has overcome the drawback of being prone to breakdown during the operation of pneumatic devices. Using a variety of paint spray filtration and adsorption systems, the reliability of the electric actuator device has risen to a new level, ensuring that its waste wind volume reaches the national standards.

Italian Original Burner
With a light oil burner and a heat exchanger made of high quality heat-retardant welded stainless steel, it can greatly improve the energy efficiency and is completely pollution-free. The heat exchanger is scientifically designed, with heat exchange efficiency over 85%, featuring big hot area, complete combustion, high thermal efficiency, safety and reliability.

Switzerland Imported "BELLMO" Auto Throttle

With a long holding time, this oil-saving and power-saving throttle ensures that the external and internal circulation exchange is accurate and smooth.

Electronic Control Box
The electric control box is the control center of the booth, which contains all the operating and control components that are all manufactured by selected domestic and foreign manufacturers of electronic components. The whole system is well-designed, stable, reliable, convenient and accurate. Each control state can be accurately set and the process control device can accurately display the baking room temperature and drying time. What is more advanced is that it can automatically spray bake under different temperatures, and can complete the entire process with only one-time setting.

Bag Filter
The system adopts the international advanced technical design, with a custom filter cotton that is the core component. It can not only filter evenly and purify the room air, but also ensures the wind pressure of the operation area is at its best, creating a clean working environment and meeting the high-level spraying and baking level.

Base Board

The base board adopts a large steel frame with the galvanized steel structure with high strength, elegant outlook and durability, which can be adjusted from left, right or back. It is free from site constraints, ensuring the users’ desire of "Only one investment for long-term benefit".

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