Customer Service

With the continuous development of science and technology as well as a wide range of shared resources, each enterprise no longer just faces to improve product quality and develop new products. To stand out in the competitive market, all the enterprises need to pay more attention to highlight their individual features which can not be easily copied. Be aware of the importance, YOKI as one leading manufacturer of auto spray booth in China applies ourselves to provide excellent service to all of our customers. About our service, we supply the PRE-SALE SERVICE, SERVICE DURING SALES AND AFTER-SALES SERVICE.

To every customer, we will let him or her know sufficiently the design idea, performance characteristics, production process, quality standard, and we supply the customers of professional market product analysis, and supply perfect turnkey solutions for the vehicle body maintenance, plate work industry and paint spraying and baking etc. to allow customers do the correct choice.

According to the conditions of the customers’ enterprises, selectively introduce the products, and gives the customers recommendations for planning, supporting and layout. We supply not only the traditional products, but also can customize individualization products. We have the production capacity of specialization and quantity, which ensures that the delivery time can be responded punctually. Because of our professional installation team and reliable product quality, we can ensure that the equipment will come into use after installation and debugging, which allows the customers enjoy the economic efficiency.
We have professional after-sales service team and the service network is all over China. We are dedicated to do the quality following and the maintenance of the products. We supply the operation manual and maintenance to be used, and we also set up customer technical service hotline for 24 hours so as to make the customers satisfy with our products and services.

Our professional service team will provide a copy of “Installation Instructions” to customers after every purchase of our products. Technical personnel will be sent to help with the installation if necessary. The service personnel will always be prepared to help with any problems during the entire operation period of the product.

The paint spraying and baking process:
Paint spraying process:
Handle the surface of the work piece – place it in the center of the booth - turn on the main power – turn on the light – turn on the spray paint switch and wait till the booth goes into normal operation.

Paint baking process:
After the work piece has been sprayed with paint – turn off the spray paint function - set the baking time at 20 minutes – set the paint baking temperature to be 60 °C- turn on the paint  baking switch – switch off the paint baking function after 2 minutes.

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