Baking Booth YK-200

Baking Booth YK-200
Baking Booth YK-200
  • Baking Booth YK-200
  • Baking Booth YK-200
  • Minimum: 1Unit
  • Delivery: 10 days
  • Model: YK-200
  • Country: China
  • BrandName: YOKI
  • Package: Properly Packing
  • Payment: L/C, T/T
  • Price: FOB, CIF, C&F
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Product Information

Parameter of YK-200 Spraying and Baking Booth
Outside Size (mm) Inside Size(mm) Front Door(mm) Total Power(kw)
7000×5350×3400 6900×3900×2700 3000×2650 12

Air Capacity of Inlet Fan                                             20000m³/h                                          
Air Speed                             0.25-0.35m/s
Air Recycling Times                             300times/h
Highest Working Temperature                                                         80℃
Time of Temperature Rise(20-80℃)                             6-8minutes
Maximum Heat Productivity of Burner                             200,000Kcal/h
Oil consumption                             5-6Kg/vehicle
Heat Exchange Rate                             85%
Illuminance                             ≥800Lux
Air Filtering Rate                             ≥98%
Maximum Volume of Paint Spraying                             3.3Kg/h
Noise                             ≤80dB
TSP                             ≤1.4mg/m³


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