Paint Spray Booth YK-360

Paint Spray Booth YK-360
Paint Spray Booth YK-360
  • Paint Spray Booth YK-360
  • Paint Spray Booth YK-360
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  • Delivery: 7 days
  • Model: YK-360
  • Country: China
  • BrandName: YOKI
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Product Information

Specification for Paint Spray Booth YK-360:
Inside Dimension 6900×3900×2700mm(L×W×H)
Outside Dimension 7000×5400×3400mm(L×W×H)
Basement & Floor Complete steel assemble, height is 300mm, full grille floor with guide plate underneath
Ramp 3Pcs ramps: 900×2000 mm(W×L/pc, zinc-plated steel
Main Door

3-folds of handmade door: 3000×2650 mm(W×H), thickness is 50mm, double skinned EPS wall panel, thickness of colorful steel is 0.6mm, color: grey white, configure heat insulation tempered glass

Personal Door

1-fold: 800×2000mm(W×H),thickness is 50mm, double skinned EPS wall panel, color: grey white, aluminium alloy frame, equipped with pressure lock and door closer


Double skinned EPS wallboard with tongue and groove joints, thickness is 50mm, width is 1150mm, color: grey white

Roof Panel  Galvanized plate
Lighting System  Ceiling lights: 32Pcs of 36W lamps, lower lights: 32Pcs of 20W lamps installed horizontally, cold roll plate make of lighting box and spray white powder
Ceiling Top bracket made of profiled steel and zinc plated, connecting plate and channel made of cold roll plate and spray white powder, ceiling filter frame made of type C steel and spray white powder
Generator Setting Type Side upper intake air, back upper exhaust air, quadrate steel frame, white coated steel plate
Intake Fan

2sets double-intake centrifugal fans, model: YDW4.5L, power of each fan is 4Kw, total air capacity is 24000m³/h

Extract Fan 1set 5.5Kw double-intake centrifugal fan, model: YDW4.5S, air capacity is 15000m³/h
Heating System

1set RIELLO brand oil burner, model: G20, maximum heat productivity is 200,000Kcal/h, stainless steel heat exchanger with explosion-proof hole, electric damper executes from spraying to baking cycle

Filtering System

Primary filter, high efficiency filter (ceiling filter), fiberglass cotton filter (floor filter), activated carbon filter

Control Panel

Spraying, heat spraying, baking temperature, time setting, lighting switch, emergency stop, failure indicator, time accumulator, limited-temperature device

Power Supply 1×220V,3×380V(50Hz)
Illuminance ≥800Lux
Highest Working Temperature   80℃
Total Power 16Kw


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