Spray Booth YK-100FA

Spray Booth YK-100FA
Spray Booth YK-100FA
  • Spray Booth YK-100FA
  • Spray Booth YK-100FA
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  • Delivery: 7days
  • Model: YK-100FA
  • Country: China
  • BrandName: YOKI
  • Package: Properly Packing
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Product Information

Specification of YK-100FA Spraying Booth
Outside Size (mm) Inside Size(mm) Front Door(mm) Total Power(kw)
7000×5350×3400 6900×3900×2700 3000×2650  9Kw

Cabin System Wallboard: EPS (epispastics polystyrene) colorful steel double skinned boards, thickness is 50mm, tongue & groove structure, anti-flame and heat-Insulation, galvanized steel roof panel
Basement: galvanized steel sheet and quadrate steel pipe assembling, grilles &indented plates floor, 2Pcs ramps: 520×2000m(W×L)/pc
Air Circulation System      Inlet fan: Configure 2sets double-intake centrifugal fans, 4Kw of each fan, total air capacity is 24000m³/h
Outlet fan: for option
Purification System Primay filter at air inlet, high efficiency filter (ceiling filter), floor filter (fiberglass cotton)
Heating System Italian RIELLO brand, G20 diesel oil burner, maximum heat productivity is 200,000Kcal/h, stainless steel heat exchanger, highest temperature is 80℃, 1set electric damper executes from spraying to baking cycle
Lighting System ceiling lights: 24Pcs×36W lamp, 800Lux
Control System spraying, risen-temperature spraying, baking temperature, time setting, failure indicator lamp, lighting switch


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