Spray Booth YK-600

Spray Booth YK-600
Spray Booth YK-600
  • Spray Booth YK-600
  • Spray Booth YK-600
  • Minimum: 1Unit
  • Delivery: 15 days
  • Model: YK-600
  • Country: China
  • BrandName: YOKI
  • Package: Properly Packing
  • Payment: L/C, T/T
  • Price: FOB, CIF, C&F
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Product Information

Technical data of YK-600 Spray Booth
Outside Size (mm) Inside Size(mm) Front Door(mm) Total Power(kw)
7000×5400×3450 6900×3900×2700 3000×2650 17.5Kw
Cabin System Wallboard: EPS (epispastic polystyrene) colorful steel skinned style, thickness is 50mm, tongue & groove structure, aluminum-alloy frame, anti-flame and heat-insulation, galvanized steel roof panel
Basement: galvanized steel plate and quadrate steel pipe assemble, with adjustable height bolt, full grilles floor, 3Pcs ramps, 900×2000mm(W×L)/pc, and with inclined ramps
Ventilation System                      Inlet fan: 1set 7.5Kw centrifugal fan, air capacity is 25000m³/h
Outlet fan: 1set 7.5Kw centrifugal fan, air capacity is 25000m³/h
Purification System            Primary filter at air inlet, high-efficiency filter (ceiling filter), floor filter (fiberglass cotton), extract filter
Heating System Burner: Italian RIELLO brand diesel oil burner, model: RG5S, maximum heat productivity is 260,000Kcal/h,
Heat energy converter: stainless steel heat exchanger,
Electric damper executes from spraying to baking cycle
Lighting System Upper lights: 40Pcs of 30W Philips lamps, with electronic ballast,
Lower lights: 40Pcs of 20W Philips lamps, with electronic ballast,
Illuminance: 800Lux
Control System Spraying, heat spraying, baking temperature, time setting, lighting switch, hour meter, differential pressure gauge, emergency stop, failure alarm, temperature control meter


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